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Products compliance certification

  • Products compliance certification within the Customs Union
  • Unassembled products compliance certification
  • Services compliance certification
  • Voluntary certification
  • Obtainment of state registration certificate
  • Metrological certification
  • Measurement instruments type approval
  • Obtainment of letters of explanation from state
  • authorised Departments.

Execution of certificates/declarations under the following Technical Regulations of Customs Union:

  • On safety of railway rolling stock (TR TS 001/2011)
  • On safety of high-speed railway transport (TR TS 002/2011)
  • On safety of railway infrastructure (TR TS 003/2011)
  • On safety of low voltage equipment (TR TS 004/2011)
  • On safety of packages (TR TS 005/2011)
  • On safety of fireworks (TR TS 006/2011)
  • On safety of products intended for children and adolescents (TR TS 007/2011)
  • On safety of toys (TR TS 008/2011)
  • On safety of perfumes and cosmetics (TR TS 009/2011)
  • On safety of machinery and equipment (TR TS 010/2011)
  • On safety of toys (TR TS 011/2011)
  • On safety of equipment for operation in explosive atmospheres (TR TS 012/2011)
  • On requirements for automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel and marine fuels, jet fuels and
    heating oils (TR TS 013/2011)
  • On safety of motor roads (TR TS 014/2011)
  • On safety of grain (TR TS 015/2011)
  • On safety of appliances burning burning gaseous fuel (TR TS 016/2011)
  • On safety of light industry products (TR TS 017/2011)
  • On safety of wheeled vehicles (TR TS 018/2011)
  • On safety of personal protective equipment (TR TS 019/2011)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means (TR TS 020/2011)
  • On safety of food products (TR TS 021/2011)
  • “Food products in terms of its marking” (ТR TS 022/2011)
  • Technical regulation on juice production of vegetables and fruits (TR TS 023/2011)
  • Technical regulation on fat-and-oil products (TR TS 024/2011)
  • On safety of furniture (TR TS 025/2012)
  • On safety of small crafts (TR TS 026/2012)
  • On safety of certain types of specialized food products, including foods for dietary treatment and dietary preventive nutrition (TR TS 027/2012)
  • On safety of explosives and products based on them (TR TS 028/2012)
  • Requirements for the safety of food additives, flavorings and technological aids (TR TS 029/2012)
  • On requirements to lubricants, oils and special fluids (TR TS 030/2012)
  • On safety of agricultural and forestry tractors and their trailers (TR TS 031/2012)
  • On safety of equipment working under pressure (TR TS 032/2013)
  • On safety of milk and dairy products (TR TS 033/2013)
  • On safety of meat and meat products (TR TS 034/2013)