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Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety

The company has the right for industrial safety expert assessment and issue of conclusions in accordance with the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation, regulatory and technical requirements, rules and regulations of industrial safety at hazardous production facilities of mining, oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical and mechanical engineering industries:

  • design documents for construction, extension, reconstruction, technical re-equipping, preservation and disposal of hazardous production facility, as well upon amendments into design documentation;

  • technologies, technical devices, equipment. materials of domestic and foreign production, with obtainment of permit for use in RoK from state authorised body;

  • technical devices, equipment for service life extension (certification);

    1. pressure vessels;

    2. steam and water boilers;

    3. load lifting devices;

    4. drilling and oilfield equipment;

  • declaration of industrial safety of hazardous production facility with obtainment of registration key from state authorised body;

  • companies, enterprises operating hazardous production facilities and legal entities for compliance of declared types of works and services with industrial safety requirements with Certificate obtainment.


  • technological, technical, documental audit for compliance with industrial safety requirements;

  • inventory of technological devices, equipment, materials;

  • certification of workplaces.


  • industrial safety declarations of hazardous production facilities;

  • emergency response plans for hazardous production facilities, industrial enterprises;

  • manuals on safe operation and use of technical devices, equipment and materials;

  • job descriptions, industrial safety instructions by specialties and types of works;

  • instructions on production facilities’ personnel actions in case of emergencies and within emergency response;

  • duplicate passports of omestic (foreign) technical devices and equipment in accordance with RoK legislation requirements;

  • scheduled maintenance of technical devices, equipment.

  • regulations on industrial control.

Maintenance of companies’ documentation with obtainment of approvals, permits for types of works and application of technologies, use of technical devices, equipment, materials from state authorised industrial safety bodies.

Training and industrial safety and safety knowledge assessment for management and specialists in ore mining and smelting, oil and gas, petrochemical, mechanical engineering industries, on boiler facilities and pressure vessels:

  • industrial safety for standing examination commission;

  • industrial safety for technical and engineering employees;

  • Health and Safety;

  • Basics of Fire Safety;